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Digital assets are growing the fastest in the world
We are the polish digital start-up on its way to global success.

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for visiting our Token Issue Page. We are the polish technology start-up with huge ambitions, which implements the project of Global Digital Business Cluster. Project is the revolution of shortening supply chains and global access to foreign markets for entrepreneurs.

The most important part of the cluster, is revolutionary application, which combines integrated IT tools and mechanisms of comprehensive and multi-channel promotion and sales of products and services, which enables the implementation of the assumptions of unlimited and independent planning campaigns, in many countries at the same time.

The application has implemented technologically advanced tools, f.ex.: (1) psychological mechanisms to stimulate sales, (2) an affiliate system, that can cooperate with several thousand referring partners around the world, (3) "smart" algorithms and an SEO module for positioning products in many selected countries at the same time, (4) global market place.

The technology will be used as the self-positioning virtual trade fair catalog, used to anchor and positioning the offer of entrepreneurs on the Internet of selected many countries at the same time, as well as the parallel presentation of these products on the global sales platform.

The application will be launched in February 2022.

The funds raised from the sale of the tokens, will be used for global business expansion, further development of the application and building high value of the project.

What is the BIOinLIFE token?

It is a digital value carrier, giving the token holders the right to demand the fulfillment by the Company of certain benefits described in the Tokenization Regulations.

Why is it worth investing in BIOinLIFE tokens?

Because we designed them with functions that will constantly increase their value, while allowing token holders to profit in the form of tokens, but also to freely trade tokens via the exchange - from March 2022.



Starting from 2022. BIO tokens under the loyalty program will be entitled to a 5% share in the Company's retail sales revenues. Thanks to this, the surcharges will always occur, regardless of the amount of profits, which will favor the rapid increase in the value of BIO tokens.

"COMBUSTING" function

Starting from 2023, the Company plans to gradually purchase tokens from the generated profits, in the amount of maximum 5% per year, in order to burn them. Thanks to this, the token will become deflationary, which will favor a rapid increase in value.

PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM of the sales platform

BIO Token holders participating in the Affiliate Program, recommending BIOinLIFE products and services, will be entitled to receive a commission of 20% for an effective recommendation completed with a purchase (while the standard commission is 15%). You can take part in the development of a Polish company, earning even tens of thousands of zlotys.


Check out our project

What will we use the funds obtained from BIO tokens for?

We are creating the Digital Global Business Cluster, which will be a revolution in the world of shortening supply chains, global access to foreign markets for Polish entrepreneurs, global commercialization of pro-health products, scientific knowledge and the latest technological solutions. Learn about the assumptions of our digital, globally scaled project - read the Whitepaper and the Tokenization Regulations. In just a few months, they can achieve increases of up to several hundred or even several thousand percent.

Easily enter the world of crypto for PLN from small amounts

You can buy tokens on the exchange or simply here, in our online store, for PLN, from PLN 400. After posting the transaction, you will receive an e-mail, just click on the link and set your password (the login is the e-mail address provided when registering in the store). You get access to a digital wallet on, where your tokens will be. You can observe the current price of tokens, you can sell or purchase them additionally, participate in the distribution of 5% of revenues from the actual sale of goods and services by the company (revenues from the sale of tokens are not included), exercise other rights described in the Tokenization Regulations. The tokens will be listed on the

Join us. Be part of the future

Inflation reduces the value of money by up to 30% ?

The traditional investment market is becoming less and less attractive ?

Digital assets offer the greatest opportunities.
Buy BIOinLIFE tokens now and test the enormous opportunities of earning.



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The tokens have been designed in a way that is supposed to constantly increase their value, while allowing for profits by its holders in the form of T..
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01.09.2021 - 31.12.2021Presale the Tokens.01.01.2022 - 30.03.2022Project tokenization.01.09.2021 - 31.12.2021Launching a system in t..
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