The company did not collect the appropriate amount in the tokenization process to launch this project in accordance with the initial concept, yet the work on its own is still continued. The effects of these works can be seen at:

www.growsell.eu (project landing page)

www.growsell.pl (system)

and presentation at:



We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our GROWSELL application - the effectiveness of promoting the offers of entrepreneurs at growsell.pl can be checked by entering the positioned password in the google browser:

"aronia wzrok"
"aronia wrzody"
"aronia cukrzyca"

The result of positioning, thanks to the effective operation of the system, is the first page - www.bioinlife.eu
The system for promoting offers in Poland, Germany and England is based on the same proven mechanism, so we expect that the results for all language versions will be at least satisfactory.


We are currently talking to investors who could invest in the project in exchange for shares, and the funds collected in this way will be used to implement the project. The process of introducing investors should be completed this year.
Our few tokens will be offered the exchange of tokens for shares or the purchase of tokens for the equivalent of the paid-in capital + the surplus indicated in the regulations.

Best regards
The BIOinLIFE team